Rosewood Guitars:

Fingerboards: We make guitar fingerboards in Rosewood and Ebony. We have different grades for our fingerboards and also make fingerboards as per customer requests. Rosewood Grade A : This is a super quality guitar fingerboard made from natural forest logs. The material has nice color and straight grained wood. This is a material that is made from plantation logs. The fingerboards will have good color, straight but wide grains.

Exotic Back & Sides

These back and sides we make as per order given to us by our customers. These sets can be made by prior order of customers. The material of exotic back and sides are natures beauty.

Bridge Blanks

We offer a selection of exotic wood bridge blanks from the plain to the fancy. If it's a custom build.

Wooden Furniture

All our beautiful products have finishing touches are of superior quality wood like Teak, Mahogany, carefully crafted, hand picked from our wood suppliers. Coming with a diversity of designs, keeping in mind latest manufacturing style trends.

Bedroom Furniture, Living Room Furniture, Dining Room Furniture, Showcases. Wardrobes etc.


Fingerboard,Tail piece, chin rest,end pin pegs, nuts and saddle. We make these chinrests in three woods namely Ebony, Rosewood and Boxwood. We offer you with various violin fittings in ebony and rosewood. We can offer you fittings in complete sets as well as per your requirements. We also offer sets which consists of 1 Pc Chinrest, 1 Pc Tailpiece, 4 Pcs Pegs, 1 Pc Endpin. We make violin fittings in Carbon black colors.

Instruments with lighter tailpieces will sound better if the tailpieces are made with good wood. However, it depends on the instrument sometimes using a tailpiece that is too light will make the instrument lose focus to the sound.